Elected MPA’s welcomed by CCDN, Chamber Of Commerce

Chitral: A welcome reception was arranged in honour of the newly elected MNA Molana Abdul Akbar, Molana Hidayatur Rahman and minorities MPA Wazirzada Kalash, by CCDN and Chitral Chamber of commerce. The Chairman CCDN Sartaj Ahmad Khan and President Chitral Chamber of Commerce Haider Ali Shah received the guests and garlanded them. The elected MPS vowed that they would work collectively for the benefit of Chitral without consideration of sectarianism,factionalism,regionalism, or any other consideration. They said their main priority was betterment of Chitral. Chairman CCDN Sartaj Ahmad Khan in his speech stressed upon the changing geo-social conditions after advent of CPEC and handed over a survey report regarding utilisation of Chitral’s resources for progress of the region.? .. CN report, 31 Jul 2018 (photo credit ‘Daily Chitral’)


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