Eight million people smoke hashish in Pakistan

Chitral: According to a newspaper report, about eight million people smoke hashish regularly in Pakistan. Abbottabad tops the list of cities with maximum ‘ charsis’ as hash smokers are called in local slang. Karachi comes second and Rawalpindi bags third position in housing maximum charsis. The use of cannabis has become so much acceptable in the society that famous restaurants in Peshawar and Rawalpindi are named as ‘charsi tikka restaurant’ etc.

It may be pointed out that many countries have now legalized the consumption of marijuana (another name for hashish) and many Pakistanis believe if Pakistan also legalizes it’s production, we can beside using hashish to turn away addicts from heroin and Ice (crystal methamphetamine) which are synthetic drugs and disastrous for health. earn hell of a lot of foreign exchange as hashish grown in northern areas particularly northern Chitral is known to be of the best quality in the world and has high pot value in the international market. .. CN report, 29 Apr 2019.

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