Eid Mubarak: A positive decision on Eid announcement this time

CHITRAL: The whole country is celebrating Eid today with joy and fervour. It is pleasing to know that the govt Eid sighting committee acknowledged the evidence of Eid moon seekers from different parts of the country. After all, the Ruet e Hilal meeting is supposed to receive and vet such like evidences,; what else is it there for.

Giving due respect to science, the issue of moon sighting should not be attached to it, other wise what is the point in having a Ruet e Hilal committee. In any case science cannot justify all articles of (any) faith. Either we follow our faith or follow science in such like matters. As a case in example, science cannot prove the existence of God, but almost all faiths believe in in an unseen God.

The unity of observing Ramzan and Eid in Pakistan can only be achieved if the observance of these two occasions (sighting of moon) is attached to Khana Kaaba. In any case our Gawader and Jiwani are closer to Holy Holy Kaaba than they are to Skardu and Boroghil.

The Govt has done well to accept reality rather than leave the country at the whim of a stubborn cleric (the previous head of Rueit e Hillal committee) who was visibly adamant at defying the Holy Macca decision of observing Eid and rejected evidences of people claiming to have sighted the moon, to make sure we do not coincide with the Eid at Khana Kaaba.

If IK govt has done nothing to honour it’s claim of emulating the ‘Riasat e Madina model’, it has at least ensured that Eid is observed with Madina. Well done Govt, on this account at least. .. CN report, 13 May, 2021

4 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak: A positive decision on Eid announcement this time

  1. Here is the Truth, whole Truth, nothing but the Truth. ” The earliest reported sighting of the new crescent was on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 from Morocco and Spain. ” Ref. https://moonsighting.com/1442shw.html
    Not only Spain there are reports of sighting of that Helaal in Britain also.
    So what happened? Someone saw it in Jiwani and Gwadar and then in Morocco and Spain? No one saw it anywhere in between? Such Helaal sighters are also to found in Riyadh . These are “protected species”. Some Bedos, protected to tell “lies” in front of Mujlis ul qadah ul aahlah i.e. the court of high judge.
    Some years ago when such a Bedo emerged after telling his lies to the Mujils, one disgruntled Arab news reporter did a suicidal thing. He asked that Bedo as to what kind of eyes has he, that can see what the most powerful telescope in the world cannot see. The brazen reply from the Bedo was “Yes I have that sort of eyes”. The reporter was lucky. Nothing happened to him. Prison was his destinstion as happened before with such reporters.
    So my congratulations to the people of Pakistan for what they are likely to hear on Yaumulqiyahmut. “You have feasted on a day I commanded you to fast. ” Such a thing happens most of the time in Arabia. 19 times in the last 30 years including today. True? We all heard the Truth. The first ever place where Shuwwahl 1442 A.H. Helaal has been seen in whole world on the evening of Wednesday May 12, 2021 is Morocco, Spain and Britain.
    The Afghans were the only one in around this part of the world seen to be asking for Allah’s curse to fall upon them regularly when they obey those few powerful “Rebels of the Shariah” in Riyadh who also beg Allah’s curse to fall on Arabia from time to time. Do we see Shaitan’s rule in Arabia and Afghanistan? Afghans killing Afghans. Arabs killing Arabs?
    What more. Riyadh is full of majority of Saudi Princes who want to abide by what Allah shows in the sky, but not allowed by the powerful “Rebels of the Shariah” i.e. Ummulqurah calendar lobby. The Saudi Princes have 10 Helaal
    observing committees in 10 towns of Arabia but not allowed to obey Allah. So who could have planted such “Rebels of the Shariah” on the Saudis?
    How can anyone with so much of scientific help, with so many websites giving Helaal Observation reports from across the world believe some Bedos like people in Jiwani and Gwadar?

  2. Either we should follow scientific calculations or follow the Ruet hilal Committee formed for the purpose of moon sighting. We cannot have both side by side as there will be controversy most of the time. I personally think the Government should take a bold step, abolish the Ruet e Hilal committee and follow the scientific calendar as is being done in most Muslim countries. Thereafter any mulla announcing Eid or Ramzan prematurely should be promptly arrested and severely punished so that it becomes a deterrent for others. That will end the yearly moon drama once for all.

  3. Mulla Popalzai should be punished for declaring Eid before the announcement of Central Ruet e Hilal committee. Otherwise every district/Mohalla should be allowed it’s own committee and authority to announce Eid in the Mohalla. Dichotomy in governance should not exist. ‘Aik nahi 2 Pakistan’ (Free for all) is not on.

  4. With due respect and with my duty to Allah to correct people who unfortunately are handicapped with misinformation, I dare to correct, what the honourable author wrote above which follows as ” Who was visibly adamant at defying the Holy Macca decision of observing Eid and rejected evidences of people claiming to have sighted the moon, to make sure we do not coincide with the Eid at Khana Kaaba.”
    Allah is my witness that I am trying to correct the misinformed honourable writer who unknown to him is making Allah very very angry by exposing his lack of knowledge as above about what goes on in Musjidulheraam.
    Sitting outside Musjidulheraam many years ago with two Arabs sitting beside me, talking. When they saw me looking at the moon in between late night and not so close to Sehree time asked me in English “Why are you looking at the moon”. My response was that the age of moon tells me that the moon is of the 25th but the Traveeh prayed in the Musjid was for 26th day. I had attained the knowledge about the correct day of Rumadan from a Moroccan before departing for Arabia. Out of the two Arabs, one put his hand to his chest and bowed forward. He showed sign of utter embarrassment. The other Arab was so pleased to hear the Truth from me that he was smiling broadly from cheek to cheek. Then I realised from his uniform that he was someone working in Musjidulheraam.
    So I asked him if anybody in Musjidulheraam knew about the fraudulent Hijree dates they have to obey, that comes from Riyadh. His response was “Everybody in Musjidulheraam knows everything about it “. So I asked him why no one in the Musjid does anything about it. He said “Who will risk his neck?” “No one in the Musjid can do anything about it”
    Dear learned author remember what I said in my previous response as above. What appears to everyone concerned, I have Arab concerned intellectuals as my associates, the the enemies of Islam have forced the Justice department of the Saudi government to organise begging Allah for His curse to fall upon them. The people can be identified as the Ummulqurah Calendar Lobby. The Saudi Government appears to be totally helpless in this matter. Can we see Shiatan’s rule in Arabia and in Afghanistan? Can we see Arabs killing Arabs? Can we see Afghans killing Afghans?
    The Ulamah in Musjidulheraam come under the curse of having to feast on the last day of Rumadan from time to time against their wish. It was the 19th time on Thursday May 13, 2021 in the last 30 years. The Omanis until this year have never been seen feasting on the last day of Rumadan. So the day all the Arabs in Arabia were compelled to feast, the Omanis used to FAST that day.
    Hujj this year is very much in jeopardy. The day of Hujj as chosen by Allah is very likely to be Tuesday July 20, 2012. Remember the day of Eiduladha for everyone east of the Atlantic Ocean is to be Wednesday July 21, 2021. Just like Rumadan this year starting in the Americas a day before in every place east of the Atlantic Ocean, Month of Hujj will begin a day earlier in the Americas, so the day of Hujj in Arafah will be the day of Eiduladha in the Americas. We have experienced it so many times that we can speculate with past experiences that Hujaaj shall be assembled in Arafah on the 8th day. Consequently the Arabs shall be compelled to celebrate Eid on the day of Hujj in Arafah and the day of Eid in the Americas. In recent year Hujjaaj have been assembled on the 8th day in the year 2010, 2013, 2014, 2019 and many times before.
    May I request everyone who wants to obey Allah in this matter is to get into the habit of visiting the trustworthy, the first ever website organised . Organised by a Pakistani /American engineer and his dutiful associates. His associates who seek Allah’s pleasure by going out every month since the last 30 years giving trustworthy Helaal Observation report from the east and the west of our world. Everyone who wants to obey no one but Allah, should note and keep this website address handy. it is called moonsighting.com . There are many others also.
    With such a wonderful facility giving us forecast and then substantiating it with trustworthy observation report i.e. Shahahdah from across the world would we need any such Ruet Helaal Committees who make Muslims commit sheerk. Everyone who was misled into feasting on the last day of Rumadan was also made to commit sheerk. They were made to disobey Allah for the sake of obeying the lies of the Ummulqurah Lobby. The Afghans very usually , very wilfully obey the lies of Ummulqurah Lobby.

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