Education: A Panacea for All Social Evils

Education is the panacea for all social evils.? It sheds the dark clouds of ignorance and paves the way for enlightenment and pragmatism.? The developed nations of the world have made tremendous progress in this era of Science and technology by laying foundation of a sound education system.? The example of Japan? is worth noting in the sense that how a country that was destroyed in the aftermath of the World War II nuclear holocaust in its two cities of Nagasaki and Heroshima rose from the ashes of destruction and mayhem ?growing into an economic giant of the world. The then King of Japan regarded education as the best revenge to the hegemonic ambitions of the US.

Today we are mired in the quagmire of terrorism, intolerance, sectarianism and hatred obviously due the reason that we have abandoned the pursuit of learning and education. The social media reflects our mindset and the intellectual bankruptcy into which we have descended. The public discourse lays bare the sick mentality of our people wherein they lay waste their energies on disgracing their opponents in the most obnoxious manner.? ?This tendency gives rise to intolerance in our society the consequences of which are always disastrous.? The only remedy lies in the dissemination of education and that will happen only when the powers-that-be place it on top of their priority list. .. Khalid Pervaiz, Booni, Chiral 18 Dec 2018

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