E-Voting – Why not Immediate Implementation?

Electronic voting is being implemented every where in the world at a rapid pace. Countries like India and Bangla Desh have also adopted the new technology. Pakistan has a good basic infrastructure for adoption of this technology without any hassle.

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has already completed compilation of data base of the entire population. Computerized Identity cards are mandatory for casting votes. Instead of having the traditional system of ballot papers, why should ballot not be cast on the computer screen with CNICs and thumb impression being the identification tools. If banks can use thumb impression for money transaction on their ATM machines, why cant the election commission use it for casting votes.

Besides other obvious advantages, a very distinct advantage of the e-voting would be that any Pakistani present in any part of the country on the polling day can cast his vote for a candidate of his constituency through the computerized polling booth at that place. He does not have to be present in his constituency on the polling day. This way the percentage of casted votes would dramatically increase and true representation of peoples collective choice would emerge.

Before the next general elections, arrangements for e-voting should be made compulsory and the same should be implemented in any forthcoming elections, whether general or local.. Pakistan needs big changes, and they must come quickly if we wish to salvage whatever is left.

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