E-government needed in Pakistan for savings and efficiency

Dear Sir,

Through your esteemed web service, I wish to suggest to the government to introduce e-governance as soon as possible if it wants to reduce expenses and ind increase efficiency of the government. Giving an example, here in Chitral, most of the time the heads of departments are out of station on pretext of attending meetings in Peshawar. Why can’t the meetings be held through teleconferencing which will not only save the TA/DA of the officials but also improve efficiency of the departments as the heads would be present in their seats all the time.

I hold a responsible position in a private bank. Since e-governance has been introduced in my bank, I don’t have to go to Islamabad every now and then like before and meetings are held regularly through teleconferencing which I attend right from my office. This way the overall performance of the bank has improved tremendously.

I hope PTI government will pay urgent attention to this proposal and introduce E-governance? sooner than later. .. Haji Inamullah Khan, Chitral 15 Sep 2018


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