Drivers Union threatens protest agitation against tunnel closure

Chitral: President Drivers Union Chitral Sabir Ahmad Sabir along with Haji Ghulam Muhayuddin and other senior office holders of the union held a press conference at the Chitral Press Club.? The driver community demanded an end to the unjustified closure of Lowari tunnel at different times of the day and night.

He said the Prime Minister has inaugurated the tunnel ten months ago but travelers including women and children and sick and elderly are still being held for hours at the tunnel for unexplained reasons every day. He said if this cruelty and pestering of travelers at the tunnel does not end, he will strongly protest along with the driver community and public at the time of Prime Minister’s visit to Chitral, which is expected shortly

Meanwhile a group of tourists arriving in Chitral from Islamabad said they were subjected to torture when they arrived at the tunnel at one o clock but were made to wait till three o Clock for no rhyme or reason.

People who manage to get a pass through the tunnel at the time of the tunnel closure for general traffic say that only one or two electricians are working inside on one side and hundreds of vehicles are made to wait outside for hours. This is absolutely ridiculous and this treatment can only be meted out to spineless Chitralis, one tourist from outside remarked.?.. CN report, 25 Apr 2018

2 thoughts on “Drivers Union threatens protest agitation against tunnel closure

  1. How can a 99% completed tunnel inaugurated 10 months ago show no progress at all. This is a classic example of corruption.

  2. Simply Chitralies have no respect in Pakistan – we are the most loyal people to Pakistan and Pakistan is only using us – nothing more than that

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