Drinking water for Chitral town problems

Dear Sir,
Supply of drinking water to town Chitral and surrounding villages has become extremely difficult exercise these days. Angarghoon Water Supply which was implemented by German consultant remained major supplier of drinking water to Chitral town area for the last two decades and gradually its quantity receded due to damages of main supply line in the last year floods as well as distribution of the
water also increased manifold. In order to provide clean drinking water to Dolomuch, Singoor, Seenlasht and Dolomuch Lower areas another mega DWSS was implemented with the financial support KFW and implemented by Aga Khan Planning and Building Service for Pakistan (AKPBSP) with the estimated cost up to Rs. 6 crore. Total beneficiary of the DWSS were 650 households and Rs. 30000/= also collected from each beneficiary households as community contribution. It took more than three years in completion of the project and beneficiary of the project vehemently waited for completion of the project so that their acute problem of Drinking Water Supply resolved up to some extent. As this DWSS was a ray of hope for the above-mentioned villages but all their dreams converted into nightmare when the said project completely failed to supply water to the targeted beneficiary households. This
time the hugely funded project is in the status of complete disarray and neither of the party those are project implementing committee as well as AKPBSP is ready to take ownership of the scheme and we the beneficiaries of the project are still survive without single drop of drinking water in our home from the said DWSS. In case of government sector there are example of projects failed but it is extremely
unfortunate that professional organization like AKPBSP did not come up to expectation of community members and demonstrated inefficiency and incompetency in implementation of this particular project. We the beneficiary of this project directly request high ups of AKPBSP and AKDN to take notice of the failed project and issue directives to the AKPBSP Chitral to remove faults of the project and to ensure supply of drinking water to the beneficiaries as soon as possible. Otherwise the high stature of AKDN organizations like AKPBSP will elapse in the eyes of community members. We do not expect inefficiency from organization like AKPBSP in such type of vital project which is related with the livelihood of community members. — Professor Muhammad Dost, Chitral 05 Nov 2016

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  1. This is so sad that a place like chitral that i visited as a child in the 1990’s had good water, and has deteriorated in 20 years to the point where many villages have bad drinking water problems. Water is the most important resource.

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