DPO vows to combat drug menace, female suicide trend

CHITRAL: As a first, a lady District Police Officer Lower Chitral, Ms Sonia Shamrroz has expressed resolve to combat the menace of drug pedalling and consumption in Chitral. She was addressing her introductory meeting with senior police officials and SHOs of the district. It may be noted that her predecessors too have also been expressing such resolve on taking over, However “proof of the pudding is in the eating”. She also showed concern about the traffic problems and other matters affecting the citizens.

DPO addressing police officials in Chitral

Earlier in a meeting with a delegation of the Press Club, she expressed her concerns about the increasing trend of female suicides in both the districts of Chitral and said she would try to go into the root cause of this tragic trend. Being a lady, it is expected that she would conduct some result oriented scientific research from a lady’s point of view, on the rising graph of female suicides in Chitral. .. CN report, 08 Jan 2021

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