District & Sessions Judge punishes Child molester, Hashish smuggler

CHITRAL: District & Sessions Judge Chitral Javed ur Rahman has awarded seven years imprisonment and 2.5 lac rupees to one Sanaullah son of Hazratullah of Chitral town in connection with a case of child molesting and video recording of the crime. In another case decision announcement on same day, the Sessions Judge awarded life imprisonment to an Afghan national Abdul Razaq on charges of smuggling six kilos opium and six kilos hashish into Chitral. After announcement of the said awards, no cases of such nature remain in the district court.. .. CN report, 06 Dec 2019

One thought on “District & Sessions Judge punishes Child molester, Hashish smuggler

  1. I don’t know much about law of the land but according to law of humanity, what I believe is that the person involved in child molestation should have been punished more severely compared to the person who smuggled hashish.

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