District Nazim accuses NHA of fanning hatred against Prime minister

Chitral — District Nazim Haji Maghfirat Shah in a public meeting in Chitral lashed out at?the NHA saying?it was deliberately creating and fanning hatred in the hearts of the people against the?Prime Minister who is said to be directly in charge of the NHA.

The District Nazim said people are held up at ends of the tunnel for three days and yesterday despite the roads being cleared travelers were not allowed to use?the tunnel and travelers including women, children elderly and sick were forced to spend the night in mosques and inside their vehicles under freezing conditions.

He lamented that despite being head of the district government, he was?forced to address a public meeting about this urgent problem of the people as nobody concerned with the tunnel listened to him or gave his suggestion any importance. — CN report, 25 Jan 2017

3 thoughts on “District Nazim accuses NHA of fanning hatred against Prime minister

  1. Street protest is the privilege of opposition. The district head of government is not supposed to protest. He is supposed to deliver. If he is so helpless that no body listens to him why doesn’t he resign?

  2. Resignation is a far cry. If our leaders had even an iota of moral courage and sense of sacrifice, Chitralis would not be treated like they are by any one and every one. Having said that, the DN is better than the others, at least he is protesting. The other elected representatives are completely mum and appear unconcerned about this problem.

  3. The District Nazim is well aware of the tense situation of Lowari Tunnel and realizes the problems of the passengers including women, children, patients and elderly people at the Tunnel. He is elected public representative. If he is standing with the people at this crucial time, he should be appreciated for being active to perform his duty. No doubt, street protests and Sit-ins are the privilege of the opposition but those who are practical and really working should not be discouraged anyway.

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