District Administration bans many food items as unhealthy

Chitral: A Large number of food items are manufactured in Punjab and Karachi which are imported into Chitral for consumption of the masses. Recently the Punjab Food Authority has imposed a ban on many food items finding them to be harmful to health. Accordingly the district administration Chitral has also imposed a ban on these items and warned the shopkeepers to voluntarily remove such items by 10 March after which administrative action will be taken against them.. The list of such items (in urdu) is pasted below.

.. CN report, 13 Feb 2018

3 thoughts on “District Administration bans many food items as unhealthy

  1. A daring step from the district administration to curb the sale of substandard food items. The Deputy Commissioner must take strict action against the distributors of harmful and low quality edibles and launch a crack down against the fraudsters.

    1. Great job by PTI government giving free hand to district administration no political interferences. This is how real democracy work

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