‘Dishonesty’ with impunity is the ‘new normal’ in Pakistan

CHITRAL: Until the 1960s there was a distinct definition of ‘Honesty’ and ‘Dishonesty’ in our society. Then, if a person indulged in dishonest behaviour he would stand out in a crowd and would be pointed out as ‘There stands a dishonest person’. Over the years the standards have changed and now an Honest man is the odd one and is pointed out by ‘There stands an honest person’.

The decadence of honesty has taken over our nation. Now any leader, whether it be those in power or in  opposition, even the head of the state make a statement and within no time negate it without even blinking their eyes in embarrassment or remorse.

If at a busy shop you buy a lot of groceries and the teller returns you a hundred rupees less from the big note you have given, and you point it out, he will coolly say ” koi masla nahi” and hand you the remaining money which he had intended to dishonestly hide. No feeling of regret or embarrassment is seen on the tellers face.

If you lend money to a freind and he promises to return it after a certain time and when you ask him for the money at the promised  time, he will mind it and utter words like “I am not running away with your money” “I will give it to you later” etc.

Shops which sell milk and claim it to be pure proudly boast it to be 100% pure, as if there is anything like 50% pure and as if impure milk is the norm.

A matter of fact is that honesty is down the drain in the conduct of daily life activities in our country. A crash effort to emphasize the importance of honesty (which is common and paramount in all religions) should be launched by the government through mosques and schools, media and press. The money to conduct such a program can be requested as grant from Honest nations of the world. For sure, they will be glad to donate money for this cause. .. CN report, 24 Dec 2020.

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