Dictatorships fare better than Democracies in combating Corona

CHITRAL: In the war against Corona pandemic, countries where dictatorship prevails have fared better than countries which follow? democracy. China, the primary and most hard hit country has managed to harness the virus, as have Russia, North Korea, the Arab dictatorships etc.

On the other hand the champions of democracy, the USA, India, UK, France, Italy Spain etc are turning out to be more affected than the countries who do not follow democracy. The case of Pakistan is a perfect example of this. We boast of democracy but the government cannot even implement temporary closure of mosques despite Ulema giving Fatwa in favour of it and the President openly prescribing it. Just because some clerics have opposed the temporary closure of mosques and a unanimous consent has not come up, the mosques remain open for collective prayers. In a democracy 100 percent consent is not possible on any issue thus inaction is the result, as we are duly witnessing. .. CN report, 25 Mar 2020.

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