Destruction of Forests needs urgent check

Forests are the shared heritage of the International community.? If, anywhere in the world, this treasure trove is threatened, the entire humanity bears the brunt of it.? They are regarded as the oxygen factories on the earth and apart from that they also act as carbon sink to offset the negative impact of greenhouse gases on the global environment.? The large swathes of forested areas also give sustenance to the biodiversity that contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem.
Ominously, the destruction of Amazon rainforests in Brazil will further aggravate the environmental hazards arising out of the increased global temperature.? According to the media reports,the raging fires in the Amazon are blamed on the Brazilain President ?Jean Bolsonaro who is all set to destroy the planet?s largest tropical forest for monetary gains. This is a litmus test for the world leaders to act in unison to stop this senseless destruction of the forests in order to protect life on the planet from the hazards of global warming. In this bleak scenario, a worldwide campaign ought to be launched to plant more and more trees to save the environment. .. Khalid Pervaiz , Booni, Chitral 23 Aug 2019

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  1. A very burning issue raised by the learned writer! Chitral is also one of the worsely affected districts in Pakistan where deforestation goes on unabated. This region is prone to man-made disasters and the destruction of forests here worsens the precarious environmental threats.

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