Despite quitting their religion, Kalash honour man

CHITRAL: A Kalash man who had converted to Islam earlier has performed the grand Islamic ritual of Haj, now. Two of his sons still follow the Kalash faith. The interesting part is that, when the person returned to his native village Rumbur in the Kafiristan valley of Chitral district, the Kalash community turned up en-mass, to welcome the man enthusiastically, despite the fact that he had relinquished their forefathers religious dogma and adopted a new religion for himself.

This is a unique and unusual display of tolerance and acceptance by an affected society of a person dissenting from their religious faith. However as it has come from the Kalash community it may not yield as much weight, as it would have, in case it had come from the majority.

It is a world wide societal rule that the minority is always humble, submissive and tolerant, whereas the majority is aggressive and unforbearing. This is a universal law of human behaviour. Real surprise would have been felt when situation would have been different. .. CN report, 11 Sep 2019

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