Democracy transforming into ‘Crowdocracy’ in Pakistan

CHITRAL: Democracy, as it was originally conceived 2500 years ago has lost it’s original face. In Pakistan it has been defiled to the extent of loosing its basic meaning. Let aside the corrupt practices that go on in democracy, the present day situation in Pakistan clearly shows that democracy has virtually transformed into crowdocracy. Both the government and the opposition players are showing off crowds a bulk of whom do not even know or care why they are crowding for or what are it’s implications They are only enjoying the thrill of it all along with the proverbial ‘free lunch’.

Imagine the lost man hours, the blockades of roads and businesses, the emotional spikes and slumps telling on health of people, the paralyses of life chores, the uncertainty of the future – everything is so costly for the country and it’s citizens.

Why cannot an altogether different and efficient system be adopted which can by default eliminate all these grave illnesses that democracy has inflicted on the people. Why cannot the system of Meritocracy be adopted through a referendum and a new constitution. Why cannot the positions now filled through elections be instead filled through competitive exams. What is the big rocket science in it that it cannot be done?. Imagine the ease, merit and the fairness it will bring in. A system that is something for sure, the future of the world, should be adopted now, in Pakistan where it is most needed. The sooner the better. .. CN report, 27 Mar 2022

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