Defence budgets should be diverted for use to defend human beings against Coronavirus

CHITRAL: The whole world has one common enemy at this time. From China to America,? from Newzealand to Africa, all of humanity is reeling under the effect of the ever so powerful Corona pandemic. In a condition like this who would like to wage a war against another

Defence Budgets vs Coronavirus
Defence budgets vs Coronavirus

country which is also equally shaken and scared by the mysterious infection. This makes it an ideal time to announce global demilitarization and divert at least 50 percent of all defence budgets of all countries towards fighting the virus. After all defence budget and the defence forces are established for the defence of a country. Now the most defence needed? by any country is against the current pandemic and any future possibility like this, rather than any enemy in the form of a marching army or tanks or warplanes or missiles.

Availing this crisis as an opportunity for adopting sanity, all countries with exaggerated defence budgets should come to an agreement with their potential rivals and mutually decide to divert at least 50 percent of their defence budget towards fighting the Corona enemy. If the US, Russia and China only act upon this recipe,? the whole world can afford to be shutdown for a year and yet be fed and stay healthy, without undergoing any financial crisis. .. CN report, 30 Mar, 2020

5 thoughts on “Defence budgets should be diverted for use to defend human beings against Coronavirus

  1. If military heavy countries like the USA, China and Russia divert half of their defence budget, they can not only feed the world for free but also due to their weakened military muscle, they would not think of military interventions in other countries, thus bringing peace to the world.

  2. Man proposes and God disposes. The more humankind will try to bully and subjugate each other the more they are likely to come under divine wrath and displeasure. The great powers have to play prominent a role in combating Corona and in the equitable socioeconomic development for all humanity. This can only happen when there are resources. Therefore curtailing defense budgets remain the only good and viable option.
    For example the USA spends 750 billion dollars annually on defense which is equal to the next top spending 15 countries’ military budgets. Even if 20 percent of the existing military budgets are slashed and spend on fighting Corona and on equitable development then the world will be a different place for us all…..

  3. Hope now the United States will mind it’s own business and not poke it’s nose in other countries’ affairs.

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