A deadly trend: Five girls commit suicide in one month

Chitral: In a scary increase in the trend of young girls ending their lives voluntarily, two girls aged sixteen and twenty years respectively have jumped into the river in upper Chitral at two different places within two days. This is the fifth incident of a girl committing suicide in Chitral district within a short span of one month.

It is of utmost importance that a team of highly qualified specialists consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, behaveorologists and social science experts, be dispatched to Chitral with the task of studying the reasons for this unfortunate behaviour in depth and suggesting immediate implementable measures to check this menace. .. CN report, 11 Sep 2017

4 thoughts on “A deadly trend: Five girls commit suicide in one month

  1. The vicious trend of suicide in young girls in Chitral District is creating alarming situation. The District administration should take notice of it and arrange to carryout detailed survey to find out the reason and causes of this evil practice. The D.C. Chitral may kindly prepare a comprehensive report based on ground realities. In my opinion, the head of the family should be taken in safe custody for a specific period after funeral ceremony of the deceased for detailed investigation. Most of the girls committed extreme action of suicide are reportedly teen angers. The awareness of our young generation is no doubt of high level. As such the like or dislike among the young girls for marriage is natural and may be the major reason. Therefore, the NGOs and local welfare societies should come forward to play their role to combat the illiteracy and old traditions of the society.

  2. Two more women have thrown themselves into the river in the last two days. One at Chitral town Chowni bridge and another at seen Lasht. This is getting scary. Immediate attention is needed.

  3. This really a tragic and dangerous trend among young girls of Chitral. This is to be checked urgently and immediately to help spare more precious lives in the days to come. The reason behind this hazardous trend in my opinion might be:
    1. Distance from Religion
    2. Rigid behavior of parents
    3. Negative thinking and unhealthy competition among students to get excel in exams
    4. High and unrealistic expectation of parents and relatives from children which lead to such destruction
    5. Narrow Mindedness of parents as well as their children

  4. in addition to the five points of Mr. Afzal Nadir, I would like to mention here two major reasons which need to be addressed. (1) RAHMAT KAFIR: A so called khalifa in Lotkoh Tehsil, Chitral is involved in practicing “TAVEEZ GANDA” on commercial basis accross the district. The young generation, particularly Young boys approach him to hypnotize young girls at a cost of Rs. 5000/- to 10,000/-. For the first time in Lahore, I was astonished to hear the term of “REHMAT KAFIR” During the process of a Punjabi “Aamil” who told that Rehmat Kafir from Chitral has assigned the task to a Jin. It is worth mentioning that This person has destroyed a number of families but none has taken notice to combat the vicious practice. (2) The use of mobile set and internet and easy availability/accessibility is also termed as a curse which causes damage to the moral values of the society.

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