CV-19, MPA-DC telecon, Afridi charity show: Time to apologise

CHITRAL: It is time for rendering of apologies in Chitral. Whether it be from the district administration for violating their own imposed law of sec 144 and holding a public meeting for distribution of flour bags, or it be from the local MPA for using repugnant language against the Deputy Commissioner,? or it be from Shahid Khan Afridi for glaringly showcasing his charity work.

The district administration should apologise for violating the Sec 144 restriction of gathering people, thus imperiling the safety measures of the whole district. The Member Provincial Assembly should apologise for using? base language unbehoving a gentleman, let alone a religious leader. The Cricketer philanthropist Shahid Khan Afridi should apologise for wanting a public meeting to blatantly display his distribution of flour bags. These apologies are due and should be made sooner than later. After all ?An apology is the superglue of life! It can repair just about anything!!?– Anon? .. CN report, 12 Apr 2020

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7 thoughts on “CV-19, MPA-DC telecon, Afridi charity show: Time to apologise

  1. The public representatives are under immense pressure due to current situation. The MPA seems to have cracked under that pressure and said what he said. Not a good attitude from a public representative, though the district administration seems to have earned each and every word of that conversation.

  2. Recording a mutual telephonic conversation and posting it on Facebook without the other person’s consent is a moral crime.

  3. Chitral has been traditionally a favourite of bureaucrats for being posted as the chief executive whether it was Assistant Political Agent (wazir azam) of the earlier days or the Deputy Commissioner or the District Coordination Officer etc. Then being posted in Chitral was a regal affair with no accountability. The ‘bureaucrats in chief’ in Chitral were the virtual rulers whose whims were considered orders. Then came the era of the social media. Ever since it is becoming tricky to govern Chitral. Due to high rate of education and media savviness, everybody is now a watch dog in Chitral giving a message to the bureaucrats ala’ ‘I’ll be watching you”. Consecutive administrative crises over the past few years though of petty nature will now make those who erstwhile considered Chitral a ‘halwa’ to govern will have to rethink about it.

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  5. Please everyone, please don?t lose focus. Section 144 in these circumstances is much more serious than what we knew about it in normal circumstances. The religious leaders are under serious pressure from the public about congregations on one hand and stranded people on the other hand. The Administrators should have used Afridi?s access to youth in strengthening social distancing and mask utilization. To me the blunder of the Administrators is too serious to comprehend as no one in Chitral and Booni was dying due to non-availability of flour. Furthermore the Administrators also arranged socialization instead of of social distancing. To condemn this level of arrogance and ignorance is really important. The administrators and Afridi should be put into a quarantine to provide them time for secluded contemplation to feel the gravity of their blunder. As far as whatever language has been used by Maulana Sahib, part of it is emotional outburst and part indecency just like touching one?s nose at a diner party, regrettable but harmless!

  6. thanks dear editor…the best thing in the given scenario is to forgive each others and forget.for the best interest of Chitral…keeping in view the ongoing pandemic of virus….May Almighty keep the humanity and planet earth in His glorious custody…

  7. Apart from apology from all the three concerned parties, i will request to stop all the bullcrap we are seeing on social media in support or criticism of the DC or the MPA or vice versa. Those defending or opposing either party are only appeasing them for their vested interests or political designs. The mentality exhibited through these posts speak volumes about moral training of these so called social media users.

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