Cutting imports and adopting austerity only solution to our economic bankruptcy

CHITRAL: Banning all unnecessary imports especially food items and cutting down drastically on the heavy and avoidable overheads in the government structure is the only and sure shot solution to save our economy which is in a quagmire and fast sinking into bankruptcy. If China could put a restriction for decades of not having more than one child to save it’s economy why can’t we make sacrifices that are a miniscule fraction of such an ultimate human sacrifice.. We cannot bank on exports as the scope is very limited and is not working so curbing imports is the way to save our foreign exchange.

The heavy government structure is a very serious persistent drain on our economy. From the the overheads of the inflated provincial setups to the unnecessary ministries and divisions at the center to the huge unnecessary expenditures on the non operational overhead expenditures on the armed forces are all too visible and concernable.
Prominent economist Kaiser Bengali has nailed it in the following video.

.. CN report, 15 Jan 2022

2 thoughts on “Cutting imports and adopting austerity only solution to our economic bankruptcy

  1. It needs strong will and conviction to implement what you have suggested but that will has always been lacking in our rulers and baboos. A grade 18 officer in pakistan lives like a king by misusing his authority and govt resources. Puting ban on imports cuting down on overheads will surely save our economy from bankruptcy.

  2. If we cannot ban certain items like pet food or luxury eatables and cosmetics etc, due to ITO restrictions we can at least raise the tax on these items to a phenomenal amount so that no body buys such imported things and the import falls automatically. There is always a way when there is a will.

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