Cure for suicides in Chitral: Follow the spirit of Islam

Dear Sir,
The Glorious Quran enjoins us to submit to the will of the Almighty Allah. Our sojourn in this world is transitory in the course of our journey to the hereafter. Our abode in the hereafter will be blissful if we do virtuous deeds and abstain from wrongdoings in this world. The irony is that many of our brothers and sisters in Islam have abandoned the teachings of Islam and are trying to find solace in material things. Irrefutably, material objects cannot bring us the inner peace of mind and soul. The Holy Quran explicitly says: ?Verily in the remembrance of God do hearts find peace.? Our hearts bleed when we see our younger generation taking drugs to attain inner peace which is nothing but ephemeral; but the adverse impact of this remains.

Reasons for the ever increasing trend of suicides in Chitral

This in result leads to the onset of psychological ailments in individuals who mostly find it hard to come out of mental trauma and agony and end up taking their lives with their own hands. Even if one grapples with afflictions of soul and mind, one is forced to live a life full of agony and stress lasting one?s entire lifetime. There is a linear connection between the rising trend of suicides in Chitral and depression. Again the immediate causes of depression are too many that may arise out of failure in examinations, domestic violence and aborted love affairs. There must be some counseling on how the worldly objects are destined to go down the drain when our mental health gives way. There seems no remedy to this self-destruction unless we adopt the teachings of Islam as a source of guidance to lead our lives. .. Khalid Pervaiz, Booni Chitral, 01 Aug 2019

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