Curb meat consumption to reduce violence

The element of violence and intolerance in our every day behaviour is fast increasing. One reason I think, is the over consumption of meat amongst our population. Even in the animal world carnivorous (meat eating) animals are more violent and dangerous to human beings compared to non flesh eating animals.

Countries having majority vegetarian population are more stable, rational and industrious for e.g. countries of far east like Japan, Korea Thailand, Malaysia et. On the other hand we see in Pakistan population of the tribal belt who are compulsive meat eaters are always aggressive and prone to violence.

I suggest in Pakistan we should ban slaughter and sale of animals (including chicken) for four days a week and this rule should apply in all areas including tribal areas. There are other ways to fullfill the urge for protein like eating legumes, lentils etc. WE only need to get used to it by changing our habits.

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