Cricket Is Not a Sport, Russia Says

Published on: 20/07/2019 | Comments: 3 comments 

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Russia has officially refused to recognize cricket???which is considered the second most popular sport in the world after football??? as a sport, according to a Russian Sports Ministry memo.

Russia?s ?registry of sports??lists?recognized disciplines that include ice stock sport?? similar to curling ??and korfball?? a Dutch unisex sport. The International Olympic Committee (IOC)?recognized?cricket, which has not been featured in the Summer Games since 1900, a decade ago.

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?Refuse recognition of cricket as a sport,??reads?the memo authored by Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov dated Monday, July 15.

The directive also lists Thai boxing known as Muay Thai as a non-sport in Russia.

The Russian Sports Ministry decision came a day after host nation England won the cricket World Cup.

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3 thoughts on “Cricket Is Not a Sport, Russia Says

  1. Cannot say it is not a sport as anything where two sides are competing can be called a sport, but we can say it is not a logical sport because a person making a century in one inning gets out on a duck in the very next leaving the spectators high and dry.Such instances and many like it are more of a rule rather than exception making the game a farcical practice.

  2. Though Russia has declared it officially, but practically it is not a sport for the US, China, Euorope, Africa, Middleast, Fareast, Southeast Asia, rather for the rest of the world except England and some erstwhile British colonies.

  3. I totally agree with a Russain decision, it is not a sport. There are thousands of arguments, however, it is not

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