Cricket Is Not a Sport, Russia Says

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Russia has officially refused to recognize cricket???which is considered the second most popular sport in the world after football??? as a sport, according to a Russian Sports Ministry memo.

Russia?s ?registry of sports??lists?recognized disciplines that include ice stock sport?? similar to curling ??and korfball?? a Dutch unisex sport. The International Olympic Committee (IOC)?recognized?cricket, which has not been featured in the Summer Games since 1900, a decade ago.

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?Refuse recognition of cricket as a sport,??reads?the memo authored by Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov dated Monday, July 15.

The directive also lists Thai boxing known as Muay Thai as a non-sport in Russia.

The Russian Sports Ministry decision came a day after host nation England won the cricket World Cup.

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3 thoughts on “Cricket Is Not a Sport, Russia Says

  1. I totally agree with a Russain decision, it is not a sport. There are thousands of arguments, however, it is not

  2. Though Russia has declared it officially, but practically it is not a sport for the US, China, Euorope, Africa, Middleast, Fareast, Southeast Asia, rather for the rest of the world except England and some erstwhile British colonies.

  3. Cannot say it is not a sport as anything where two sides are competing can be called a sport, but we can say it is not a logical sport because a person making a century in one inning gets out on a duck in the very next leaving the spectators high and dry.Such instances and many like it are more of a rule rather than exception making the game a farcical practice.

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