Crashed ATR Plane had engine failures in the past

PIA?s PK661 that crashed near Havelian today had suffered engine failures before as well, especially back in 2014 when its left engine had failed during a flight from Skardu to Islamabad at that time.

PK-452 (registration AP-BHO) from Skardu to Islamabad on Sep 15th 2014 had reported an engine failure soon after it took off.

Pilots had then reported that engine emitted a loud bang and flamed out. The crew had to shut the engine down and returned back to Skardu for a safe landing.

Flight was able to land back at Skardu safely with 60 people on board.

Crash Landing in 2009

This very same aircraft had crash landed in Lahore back in 2009 when pilots lost control of the plane after touchdown at Lahore airport.

CAA had then said that landing gear had malfunctioned.

Plane had reportedly veered left off the runway, went across runway and got stuck in soft ground.

Seven passengers had then received minor injuries, however, the airplane had sustained substantial damage.
PIA plane with registration AP-BHO was manufactured in 2007 and was added into PIA?s fleet on May 15th 2007.
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One thought on “Crashed ATR Plane had engine failures in the past

  1. Frequent faults in the engine of ATR planes have been reported in past. Few year ago, PIA management had called experts from the manufacturing company (of ATR) to evaluate the causes of faults. After through evaluation, the expert had given report that ATR plane was designed for the cold areas, although there is extra ordinary dust and humidity in the urban areas of Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Multan etc and ATR planes are being operating in such areas therefore there are frequent faults in the engine of the planes. The experts have strongly recommended to avoid flight operations in urban areas of Pakistan, it was further suggested that proper cleaning arrangements should be undertaken, a log shall be maintained, after landing, the engine shall be properly cleaned and enough time shall be allocated to keep the engine cool.
    The above given recommendations were avoided by the PIA management and ATR have been frequently used in urban areas hence faults have increased in the engines, as result precious life have been lost in the plane crash.

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