Cost of govt in Pakistan, highest in the world?

CHITRAL: The cost of government to the national exchequer is one of the highest in the world, in Pakistan. The ratio of government functionaries in relation to the population is much higher than any developed, developing or even under developed countries. This inflation in the number of government paid functionaries (including ghost employees) has steadily increased over the years. The civil and millitary beaurocracy have increased their perks and benefits along with their numbers to almost unmanageable proportions.

The IMF keeps dictating Pakistan to manage it’s economy by increasing the price of fuel and electricity which directly effect the poorest of the poor but it never asks the government to reduce it’s cost by reducing it’s size and perks. The amount of fuel consumed by the army and civil beaurocracy if reduced by half (which can easily be done) can effectively reduce the burden on our foreign exchange account. Similarly the number of government functionaries can be reduced by half and emphasis put on quality rather than numbers.

Pakistan can stand again on it’s own feet without the crutches of the IMF and Oil Sheikhs if drastic reforms are brought about. Half baked and half hearted measures worsen the situation as is happening by the day.  .. CN report, 02 Sep 2022

3 thoughts on “Cost of govt in Pakistan, highest in the world?

  1. Very true and very correct.
    Wish that the army could take the lead. With its sucessful commercial ventures from bakeries to security guards to housing societies to logistics to hospitals to schools to fertiliser companies to you name it the Army must now announce that it can take care of its defence budget and no longer requires the annual grant it gets from a resource-poor govt who is under great financial pressure these days and whose economy is at the verge of collapse.

  2. Very well said and a sincere suggestion to take control of unnecessary and avoidable expenses. Unfortunately no one is loyal to beloved Pakistan.

  3. Siraj sb has tried to bell the cat. Does not seem possible today but is a food for thought and our economic condition may necessitate it one day.

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