Corona virus mellows down the pace of life world over

CHITRAL: The Corona virus has come as a pandemic scare to the world and brought it down on it’s knees within days. It has slowed down economies and acted as air brakes to high flying economic activities in a span of few days.

One thing most prominent about the effects of the virus on the world is that it has mellowed down a world that was definitely over speeding. Maybe it is the balancing force of nature that has acted which does not like hyperactivity as much as it does not like a vacuum.

Human beings have got an opportunity to relax and take a positive pause. The ever increasing hustle and bustle whether it be on the roads, the public transports, the shopping centers, have all calmed down. Even recreation centers and events which gave a picture of frenzied crowds panting and gasping instead of enjoying simple past time, have cooled down.

The beyond means spending on weddings and other such occasions have been controlled and parents of brides and bridegrooms are heaving a sigh of relief as are guests who would be expected and obliged to attend the exaggerated functions often travelling from far and wide. The binge and compulsive shopping trend specially by women folk has been curtailed due to closure of high end shopping malls. Most conspicuous of all, the virus has taught people the importance of personal hygiene and health precautions.

Once the pandemic is over safely (by the will of God) it is hoped that the lessons taught by the Corona virus will not be forgotten and human beings will revisit their way of life they have progressively adopted especially in the past half century. .. CN report, 18 Mar 2020

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