Corona positive cases keep rising in Chitral

CHITRAL: Total 37 on 07 May 2020.: Four new Coronavirus positive cases have been detected in Lower chitral district bring the total to 37. All four were in quarantine after coming from Peshawar.

N.B This post will be updated for reports on Coronavirus detection score in Chitral.

One thought on “Corona positive cases keep rising in Chitral

  1. The number of positive cases in comparison to total number of tests conducted in Chitral seems to be alarming and demands strict adherence to safety protocols laid down by WHO and health experts. The lackluster attitude of all stakeholders should change now. Lock-down has to implemented by authorities in letter and spirit and respected by the general public. All efforts should be on tracing the infected individuals using all available means. The villagers should report all those who have arrived from other cities in less then two weeks time so that they can be isolated from the rest of the population to avoid wide spread of the virus.

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