Corona has brought Science and Religion closer together

CHITRAL: Science and religion have forever been at logger heads contesting for their relevance in the lives of human beings. Religios have mostly (if not always) opposed science and scientific achievements, and scientists on the other hands have made light of religion in one way or the other.

The Corona phenomenon has beside other things, performed a miracle in that it has brought the two diametrically opposing schools of thought as close together as they have never been before.

Religious scholars and leaders of all religions are praying that a vaccine be soon invented to cure the epidemic, and everyone knows who will invent the medicine! The bastions of religion whether it be the Holy Kaaba, the Vatican, the Synagogues, the Temples or the Monasteries, all are empty and ‘social distancing’ is the order of the day.? On the other hand the Chinese Prime minister visited Mosques and asked worshipers to pray for solution of the problem. The president of Italy has conceded a hands up and said human beings cannot control this virus, only an Almighty above can come to our help.

The coming close of different faiths and science is a good augury for humankind as together they can work without challenging each other, for the betterment of humanity. .. CN report, 21 mar 2020

3 thoughts on “Corona has brought Science and Religion closer together

  1. It is high time for our Molana sahiban to share the pulpit with men of knowledge. Addressing from the pulpit should not be limited for religious persons, but also for others who have knowledge so that people can benefit from it.

  2. The Chinese are a great people. They have enabled the poor of the world to enjoy products of daily use like electronics, apparel etc at cheap rates which earlier used to be the privilege of rich people only. The only problem with the Chinese is that they are extremely cruel. They put live animals in cauldrons of oil and enjoy seeing them shrieking with pain. This one attribute of their character makes them unlikable and all their industriousness goes for a six here. After the Coronavirus scourge upon them they should rethink their ways and develop compassion and kindness towards helpless animals.

  3. What is Science? Science is the search and unravelling of every mystery the Creator, Owner i.e. the Almighty has placed in every matter known to mankind in the form of solid, liquid or in gaseous state.
    It is not only Science but monumental amount of knowledge, either known to humankind or unknown so far is in the knowledge of the Almighty.
    When a Scientist is rewarded with success in unravelling what he/she has been searching for, it the Almighty who is the one who rewards the Scientist with success.
    The Scientists have in fact somehow restricted themselves by narrow mindedness in not accepting facts that everyone can see happening e.g. a human body alive but levitating in the air under the spell of magic organised by a magician.
    So is a fact. Faith in the Almighty and mysteries He has created what the Scientists manage to discover after working very hard day and night.
    We all need to be very broad minded in accepting facts. Every fact as these stand.

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