Corona exposes Chitral’s dependency on outsiders

CHITRAL: Since the begining of lockdown in March, due to the virus pandemic, it has become clear how much Chitralis are dependent on people from down districts.
Although construction work has been allowed but it has not commenced yet because all the labourers belong to Dir Bajaur, Mardan etc who are not allowed to enter Chitral and there being hardly any Chitrali labourers to be found, so all kind of construction work is at a stand still.
The vegetables and fruit vendors transporters and other goods being transported from across the lowari is all done by these ‘outsiders’. Even the butcher shops, bakeries and naanbais¬† (bread makers) are run by non-Chitralis.
The local population is mostly interested in government jobs where not much physical work is required but salary and perks are secured. .. CN report, 05 May 2020.

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