Committing Crime to Pay for Politics!

Chitral: The game of politics has become so corrupted that it seems incorrigible. A local youth councillor arrested for drug trafficking confessed that he peddaled dugs to gain votes. A news report published by a local website ( is reproduced below.

“A youth councillor held by the police for drug trafficking on Monday justified his offence, insisting he will lose the forthcoming local body polls if he abandons the drug ?business?.
?Youths will not vote for me,? he told reporters after arrest. Member of Broze village council Fazle Nabi was arrested with 2.1kg charas, while 3.15kg charas was recovered from his accomplice, Mubarak Azam.
As he was produced before journalists by sub-divisional police officer Farooq Jan and SHO Miftahuddin on Monday, the councillors said drug trafficking was his ?political necessity? as he made a smooth supply of charas to hundreds of local youths. SDPO Farooq Jan said the police had adopted zero tolerance towards drug trafficking and were taking stringent measures against drug pushers.
He said more than 10kg charas had been seized in the sub-division during the last three days”.

Smoking hash is one thing but paddling hash to garner votes from the addict speaks a book on the failure of the theory of politics and elections in today’s changed world.

We must speak up to change the system, from politics to Meritocracy, or else we will continue to have representatives being elected by drug addicts, professional vote sellers, manipulators and all and the results cannot be merit based, to say the least.??.. CN report, 22 Dec 2018

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