Coal tar plant creating pollution in Booni town

Dear Sir,
The emission of hazardous gases from a charcoal processing plant near Government College for girls Booni is posing threat to thousands of people living in the proximity. One can see a pall of black smoke billowing out of the chimney early in the morning when the sky is crystal clear. The residents of Booni and the so called social and political activists remain silent spectators despite the fact that it will cause a debilitating impact on the clean environment of Chitral if the emission continues unabated.

The phenomenon of global warming is threatening the global community with its devastating impact changing the weather pattern resulting in a phenomenal rise in the sea level and a substantial decrease in the ice sheet. The people residing in the Himalayan and the Hindu Kush belts are surrounded from all sides by gigantic glaciers. With the increase in the global temperature, these glaciers trigger glacial lake outbursts that wash away all that lie in their way. The installation of gas emitting plants in such regions will exacerbate the GLOF.

Although The Charcoal processing plant at Booni may have its developmental purposes for the carpeting of roads in Chitral, yet the worse impact on the environment cannot be overlooked. The roads remain intact when the environment is friendly and congenial. The devastating floods destroy the road infrastructure in a matter of seconds as a result of GLOF. The carpeting of roads with charcoal at the expense of a healthy environment will be a futile exercise. It?s as if one courts a huge disaster in return for a small profit. .. Khalid Pervaiz Raza, Booni 31 Oct 2017

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  1. Rehmat Ali Jaffar Dost who is a resident of Booni and an active champion of clean and green Chitral must come forward and launch an awareness champain against those who are involved in this criminal activity.

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