Close the Zoos: Captive animals feel same way as imprisoned humans

Miserable ‘Kavan’ now being set free

CHITRAL: Captive animals feel same way as imprisoned humans except that they are in a zoo for no fault of theirs while humans are imprisoned for a crime.
The Govt has done well to transport the miserable elephant suffering in Islamabad zoo to it’s natural habitat at an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia. God will definitely reward the person(s) who took mercy on the animal.
Whoever first thought of the idea of setting up a zoo was not a good human being. Keeping helpless animals in captivity for pleasure is a low of mankind.
Zoos all over the world should be closed down and the captive animals released into their natural habitat. Pakistan can take the initiative and set an example. It would also be in accordance with the teachings of kindness and compassion to animals as professed by Islam. .. CN report, 30 Nov 2020

2 thoughts on “Close the Zoos: Captive animals feel same way as imprisoned humans

  1. Very pertinent. Earlier the only way to see wild and rare animals was at a zoo. Now the television screens the rarest of animals in all conditions and anybody can get their thrills seeing them on the internet. Why then imprison live animals for this sadistic pleasure of human beings. Zoos should be made a thing of the past now.

  2. lovely post, I love animal lovers. Cher, a US music icon and animal right activists made it possible to free Kavaan from captivity.Govt has done nothing, the Zoo management and the govt failed to take care Kavaan. The pain and suffering went global several years ago by a tourist with a petition garnering more than 200,000 signatures after it emerged he was being chained up.

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