Cleric sets a good example of simplicity in daughter’s wedding

Chitral: Prominent cleric Khateeb Shahi Masjid Molana Khaleeq Uzaman performed the nikah ceremony of his daughter in the Shahi mosque Chitral. He said he is performing the wedding ritual of his post-graduate, hafiza daughter in this simple and Islamic manner? according to her will. The groom Alamgir son of Fazle Azim MetarJao belongs to Broze.? Molana Khaleeq Uzaman lamented that extravagance and wastefulness has established itself in our society, showing itself on all occasions specially on the occasion of weddings. It is against the teachings of Islam and we should adopt austerity and simplicity on weddings and all occasions in life, he preached. .. BH Azad, 15 Jul 2019

One thought on “Cleric sets a good example of simplicity in daughter’s wedding

  1. This is excellent leadership by action! Zero-Waste marriage and certainly nothing was borrowed from Banks, Zero-Interest also applies! Hence my conclusion, Zero-Waste, and Zero-Interest economy is possible and the two go hand-in-hand. Actually, wasteful life leads to borrowing and indulgence in interest. The unfortunate dominant thinking and rotten economic argument from IMF and the like is that this lifestyle of the Mawlana is minimalist and it doesn’t contribute to the economy and the financial system! I would make an appeal to all including individuals, families, thought leaders, government and civil society, that the solution of our current and future economic and environmental problems rests on the change of lifestyles and behaviors. Here’s an example to follow and emulate – Zero-Waste Zero-Interest! The model presented by Islam and practiced by Mowlana Khaleeq Uzaman. Congratulations and blessings to the couple!

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