Cleric plays key role in saving mentally deranged blasphemer from mob

Chitral .. The gory?episode in Chitral where during Friday prayers at shahi masjid Chitral, a man got up and declared himself prophet leading to immediate uproar?in the mosque followed by the prayer goers moving towards the man and start beating him aggravating to sentiments of wanting to lynch him there and then.

Moulana Khaliq uz Zaman

In this situation one person, non other than the Khateeb of the mosque Moulana Khalique uz Zaman came between the mob and the man and prevailed upon the angry mob to not administer justice themselves but hand over the man to Police for further action.

The?news spread like wild fire and a charged mob tried to attack the police station where the culprit was held, but the local police and district administration did not give into mob demand and defended the police station by baton charging and tear gas shelling.. Later an FIR against the person was registered and only after the FIR was shown to the religious leaders who then asked the mob to disperse.

The role of religious leaders, the local administration and the local police has been appreciable in their prompt response to thwart an act by an insane person become a cause of taking law into own hands and repetition of mob justice witnessed elsewhere in Pakistan.

About the person involved in blasphemy it was learnt that he was named Rasheed ?and belonged to Rech village of upper Chitral. He had been working in Qatar from where he was deported due to mental imbalance which had aggravated since he came back to Pakistan .. CN report, 22 Apr 2017

One thought on “Cleric plays key role in saving mentally deranged blasphemer from mob

  1. Thank you Chitral News for updating us.

    I solute Mawlana Khaliq-uz-Zaman Mr. Nizam col Chitral Scout – Chitral Scouts – Chitral Police – District Administration and Leadership. Now we are hearing he was mentally ill after many hours. Let’s think if this person will be killed immediately, then there will be huge trust vacuum between the communities of Chitral. They could blame each other, the role of Mawlana Khaliquzaman is critical and he became the ambassador of peace in Chitral. The district administration should award him for his great work. Going forward, both communities must respect this great personality.
    We love to see our beautiful Chitral more beautiful and more peaceful than before.

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