CJ jolted after experiencing travel on Chitral roads

Chitral: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar expressed deep dissatisfaction and dismay over the pathetic condition of roads in Chitral. The Honorable Justice even felt unwell after travelling on road from Islamabad to Chitral. He has already ordered a report about the long closure and denial of Lowari tunnel to travelers. Even the roads around the tunnel and elsewhere in Chitral ” were not worth travelling on mule backs” he said.

It may be noted that almost all dignitaries travel to Chitral by air and are thus oblivious to the travails an ordinary person faces while travelling by road. The Chief Justice who traveled with his family to Chitral has had a first hand experience of our roads and he declared them as “violation of basic human rights in the 21 st century”.

The CJ also addressed the District bar Association, visited the DHQ hospital and the Shahi Qilla. He was scheduled to visit Kalash valleys on Saturday and expected to return to Islamabad on Sunday 23 Sep. .. CN report, 23 Sep 2018

One thought on “CJ jolted after experiencing travel on Chitral roads

  1. Would that the CJP take Suo motu action against those mafias who have gulped the Booni to Mastuj road funds during their MPAship. Shame on those mafias. Such mafias Should be behind the bars

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