Civil Society speaks up for women emancipation

Chitral : After the expression of defiance by politico-religious clerics against the establishment of a women exclusive shopping mall in Chitral, the civil society has now come to life speaking in favour of women’s rights.

Niaz A Niazi Advocate, Chairman of Human Rights organisation has in a press statement strongly advocated the freedom given to women in the constitution of Pakistan to establish any legal business any where they choose.? He said if women can do jobs in offices, contest elections and become members of Assemblies and Local councils, all in male-female mixed environment, why can’t they do business in an exclusively women environment. He went on to say that the establishment of a women exclusive business center in Chitral city is perfectly in accordance with shariat and the constitution, and opposition to it only shows narrow mindedness and act of trying to politicize a non issue. .. CN report, 21 Feb 2018

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