Civil, Military on one page in Chitral; Comdr Task Force

CHITRAL:? Commandant Chitral Scouts who is also Commander Chitral Task Force, has said that the civil and military relationship in Chitral was very healthy and because of this reason security problems were not allowed to arise and other unforeseen situations demanding immediate attention were tackled in the best possible way.. He was presiding over a meeting of the Civil-Millitary Liason committee at CS headquarters Chitral,

Those who attended included the DC, DPO, Heads of various departments, the District Nazim, MNA, the two MPA’s and other civil society members. Participants presented the problems faced by the people particularly the extreme poor condition of roads in the districts.. Some heads of departments complained that the social media was being misused propagating against performance of government departments and a check should be put on that.

.. CN report, 25 Aug 2019 (Photo credit ‘’)

One thought on “Civil, Military on one page in Chitral; Comdr Task Force

  1. Not at least at the Lowari tunnel. Yes, there the civil and military officers may be on one page when they are allowed unhindered entrance inside the tunnel and pass through whenever they approach, but the poor public including women, children, sick, elderly in public transport are made to wait outside the tunnel at times for hours on end, for no reason. The further irony is that the NHA uses security personal as front men to stop helpless passengers, thus invoking anger in the hearts of travelers for the security personal. The situation at the Lowari tunnel is a test case to prove that the people and the security forces are on one page, by not allowing security personnel to be used by NHA to stop poor passengers by default but allow officials and sifarshis to pass through anytime unhindered.

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