Citizens demand a restriction on firecrackers at weddings

CHITRAL: Traditionally Autumn has a been a high season for weddings in Chitral. Logic behind it being availability of meat and fruits and the favorable weather for preservation of meat, cheese etc when there were no refrigerators or freezers. These days also it is wedding season in Chitral and Janj (motorcade of a bridegroom) can be seen sweeping through the town bazars particularly on weekends.

The use of firecrackers has also been a part of the wedding celebrations and continues to date. A permission however has to be obtained from the local administration and police for use of the firecrackers. A number of citizens talking to CN have requested the local Administration and police to restrict the timing of use of firecrakers in the town. They said firecrackers with huge bang were heard till the middle of the night scaring the residents in the surroundings of the wedding venue. They have suggested to restrict the use of firecrackers till 9 pm after which no firecracker should be allowed to burst. .. CN report, 14 Oct 2019

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