Citizen files petition to remove mobile towers

A resident in Peshawar has filed a petition in high court, asking to move mobile phone towers from residential areas to non-residential areas due to the health hazards.

The petitioner, Muhammad Naeem, filed this petition in the Peshawar High Court (PHC) through his lawyer Noor Alam Khan, disputing that the antennas and other communication devices placed on high towers swamp the air with high-frequency microwaves that pose threats to humans and animals.

Naeem claimed that these mobile phone tower radiations affect every living organism within a square kilometer. He added that higher the frequency, the more potent the effect on all. In his petition, he further highlighted that this causes a variety of health problems including cardiovascular stress, memory loss, birth defects, cancer, miscarriages, brain tumors amongst others.

He advocated that the health effects of cell tower waves are worse than cigarette smoking and not only the human and animals are affected by them but also the trees.

The hazardous effects go to an extent that the production of fruit carrying trees has decreased from 100 percent to 5 percent in just 2.5 years after cell towers were introduced near farms, the petitioner maintained his stance.

He further requested the court to order the government to implement zoning laws made for environment protection and ensure the actions taken under international laws, guidelines, and strategies for the protection from radiations from the base transmission stations and microwaves antennas.

Governments all over the world are taking measures to clean their telecom industry and thus they are introducing?greener initiatives for making the telecom towers environment-friendly.

Continuous exposure to electromagnetic waves from telephony antennas could even cause cancer, a recent study warns. Last year, Ex-Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan had also?vowed to address the issue?but he never followed up on his statement.

According to researchers who studied and observed a sample of 200 people residing in areas with a high density of cell phone towers in the center of Calcutta found visible physical impacts. Some of them lived in buildings that had towers on the roof, others lived less than 50 meters from these types of buildings. Almost everyone said they had been experiencing some kind of physical discomfort.

The companies involved are obviously powerful and they even pay researchers to give counter findings for mobile phone tower radiations. We will follow the proceedings of the court and will inform you about how the court tackle this grave issue. .. Source

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