Chitral’s NA and PA seats should be restored to previous status

Dear Sir,
Through your esteemed news and views site, I request the government to not forget that Chitral was an independent country before acceding to Pakistan on it’s own sweet will according to the wishes of it’s people.

We should not be punished for being loyal to Pakistan through thick and thin. The parliamentary seats distribution on mere population? basis is both unreasonable and unfair.

In Peshawar city you can sit in a rickshaw and tour all the five NA constituencies and eleven PA constituencies in one hour. In Chitral going from one end of the district to the other end takes four days. How can the two be put on the same pedestal while distributing Assembly seats.

Rules are only good as long as genuine exceptions are also taken into consideration. I request the government and the election commission to take a bite of sensibility and restore the sole NA seat and two PA seats for Chitral as they were in the previous elections..Thank you. .. Sahib Nadir Khan Advocate, Chitral 27 Feb 2018

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