Chitral’s luxury bus service sets a good example

CHITRAL: Almost every service available to the residents of the districts of Chitral is more or less substandard. Despite God gifted natural beauty, majestic mountains and flowing rivers, Chitralis are condemned to live with bare minimum life standards, and this is probably the reason that whoever gets a chance wants to flee to the south, where the country presents a markedly better standard of civic amenities.

Transportation facilities, whether intra Chitral, or to and from Chitral, is also present in a pathetic state. There is however an exception in the transportation sector in the form of a luxury bus service connecting Chitral to Islamabad and Peshawar, on a daily basis. The ‘Hindukush Express’ is indeed a big facility in Chitral where transportation is concerned¬† ..CN report, 11 Jan 2020

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