Chitral’s ex DPO becomes first female to head police in two districts

.. by Asma sajid

Sonia Shamroz, serving in Lower Chitral previously, has been appointed as Battagram’s first woman District Police Officer (DPO) on Friday. She visited the Battagram Police Lines immediately after taking charge, where she was greeted by the police force with a salute.

The newly appointed DPO also paid a visit to the monument of martyrdom and offered prayers.

She addressed a meeting of the local Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs), Traffic In-charges, and Station House Officers (SHOs), directing them to carry out their responsibilities without fear or coercion.

The DPO stressed the importance of accountability within the force, declaring that those police officers who performed well, will be praised, and those who are negligent of their duties will be held liable.

Miss Shamroz pledged to prosecute drug peddlers, timber mafia, and other lawbreakers in order to free the district of crime. She held the opinion that a peaceful, drug-free society was urgently needed.

The local citizens appreciated the appointment of DPO Shamroz, saying that she should prove her capabilities by effectively combating drug trafficking. They said that drug peddlers were frequently granted bail by courts shortly after their arrests owing to the inadequate investigative process. They expressed that they are hopeful that she will bring in the powerful timber mafia and help small wood sellers. .. Source

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