Chitralis taken for a ride again on tunnel opening issue

Chitral — After having tortured the Chitrali people for most?part of the winter season by not opening the tunnel for?travel, the Advisor to Prime minister announced two weeks back that the tunnel will be opened for two days a week. This was followed frenzical messages of thanks to the Advisor by all and sundry in Chitral no body wanting to be left behind in this ‘thanks giving’ competition.

However to the dismay of the beleaguered travelers nothing budged at the tunnel. All parties meetings and usual threats of agitation again started, and the issue of notification for tunnel opening not being issued became the new nightmare. Finally when on ‘intervention’ of the Advisor, the notification was issued, another volley of thanks for issuing the notification was fired at the Advisor by political ‘leaders’ (pygmies) of Chitral, each one wanting to take credit for issuance of the?notification.

However the bad luck does not end here. The poor Chitralis have now come to know that the two days for tunnel opening is in fact one day, as the tunnel authorities have cut down half day from each tunnel opening day. What this means to the travelers is the same piling up of vehicles at the torture point of?the tunnel like previous years.
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.. CN report, 17 Jan 2017

2 thoughts on “Chitralis taken for a ride again on tunnel opening issue

  1. The bad governance of the PML(N) government is crystal clear from the poor performance and slackness in respect of all national issues. The perception of politicians that the public issues will be redressed in the final year of their tenure is ridiculous because the awareness of the people will not allow to make them fool. The leaders of PML (N) consider Mr. Imran Khan as a big danger for their government. But ground realities indicates that the major reason of downfall of PML(N) government will be it’s own doings. The Lowari Tunnel is a big issue for the Chitrali people but the NHA in collaboration with Korean contractors are creating nuisance.

  2. Shameful day for the leaders of Chitral. We should not thank anyone for the opening of lowari tunnel. This is our basic right.

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