Chitralis resent delay in payment of their rightful dues by govt

CHITRAL: Whether it is payment after acquisition of private land, payment of dues to contractors, or payment of hotel bills, there is a marked reluctance and inordinate delay in payment of such dues by all the government departments.
In many cases the court of law has to be approached to get one’s dues from the government, which should otherwise be a normal and routine procedure.
A recent case is over due payment at enhanced rate to land owners of the byepass road acquired by the govt several years back. After lengthy litigation and final court ruling for immediate payment, nothing seems to move the concerned govt department. Similarly hotel owners are crying to get their one year old bills when the government forcibly converted their hotels into Corona quarantines last March. The standard excuse given always is ‘paucity of funds’.
The PTI government should do well to pay attention to the distortions in the governance system from top to bottom. .. CN report, 09 Mar 2021.

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