Chitralis rejoice opening of public transport announcement

CHITRAL: After the Coronavirus lockdown there has been a general gloom everywhere in the country including Chitral. A gradual easing of the lockdown though became a comforting breather but yet the crisis seemed looming in the air. The ban on public transport made life as stagnant as standing water. Deserted bus stands presented a very sad look and common commuters were left utterly helpless. Upon it the quarantinistion broke the back of the common man specially labourers who come to Chitral to work on construction sites.

Now, that the govt has announced lifting ban on public transport from tomorrow, there is a feeling of joy everywhere. The premiere bus service ‘Hindukush Express’ has already announced it will start Chitral-Islamabad service early next week. Similarly other service providers will put their vehicles on the road soon and it will be the begining of return to normalcy. Hope by then herd immunity would have taken effect and soon Corona would become a mention of the past. .. CN report, 17 May 2020

One thought on “Chitralis rejoice opening of public transport announcement

  1. As per govt announcement to withdraw ban on general traffic so chitral tunnel will be open for traffic now or ‘ll be banned still,due to corona issues?

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