Why Chitralis readily surrender their control to others?

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Chitral .. Whether it be the Shandur festivals, or any large political meeting of visiting dignitaries, when the time comes to witness the results, the center stage is found taken over by totally new faces of all hues and shades not seen any where a day before. Chitralis firstly are not seen on the stage or if at all seen are in secondary, rather tertiary positions standing at the back with hands folded behind like obedient servants.

There is no doubt that Chitralis are very hospitable and respectful by nature specially when it comes to dealing with VIPs and people in power, but even letting the scores of menial staff accompanying the VIPs take better places than themselves is certainly not hospitality alone. It speaks of some thing besides hospitality- lack of self esteem.

Our political leadership should set healthy examples of asserting their self esteem so that the followers can emulate them and change this culture of surrendering their authority easily to whoever demands.

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