Chitralis should give up obsession for government service

Chitral : Traditionally the dream of every adult Chitrali, more so the educated ones, has been to get into a government job. This tradition dates back to the time when the Britishers ruled the place alongside the local Mehtar. At that time getting into a government job, no matter how lowly it was, guaranteed security and status in the society. The writ of government has always been very strong in Chitral due to the sparce and controllable population. One tehsildar would administer total and effective control over the area which at present a battalion of bureaucrats is unable to.

The status of being in government service has been set so deep in the psyche of Chitralis, that even now it is a dream of majority of youngsters to grab hold of some government job by hook or by crook as soon as they are through with studies. The reason now may be little different though. The incentive now is the greed for a comfortable life and easy money as a govt employee. The fact is well portrayed by the famous current affairs analyst Hasan Nisar who says “In Pakistan, a government servant gets salary to do nothing and gets bribe to do work”. Now the prime emphasis is on making overhead money as a govt employee in whatever capacity one is.

The advent of NGOs diverted some attention to this sector but NGO jobs being temporary and in some cases demanding, the first choice for Chitralis is still getting into a government organisation some how or the other. It is high time now Chitralis should think beyond government jobs.

Industriousness pays. The success of Pathans and Afghans who come bare handed to Chitral and end up in money by their hard work should be enough of a lesson for Chitralis to change their priorities too. Teachings in school and colleges, seminars by NGOs and most of all personal examples by Chitralis should indoctrinate them to start own businesses, enterprises and stop looking towards the proverbial ‘free lunch’ in government service. .. CN Editorial, 07 Feb 2018

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