Chitralis generosity in offering thanks penalises them

Dear Sir,
A glance inside any?Chitrali newspaper or a Chitrali website shows it’s pages half filled with messages of thanks. ‘Thanks’ by so and so to a public representative for announcing/doing such and such project, thanks to so and so for visiting Chitral, thanks to so and so for speaking about Chitral in senate, thanks to MNA, thanks to MPA, Thanks to Nazim, thanks to DCO, thanks to DPO, thanks to DHO, thanks to DEO, thanks to XEN, thanks to NGO, thanks to non NGO, thanks to XYZ etc etc.

If the amount of messages of thanks was any measure of the jobs being undertaken or the services being rendered in Chitral, then Chitral should be in the highest bracket of developed districts. Unfortunately Chitral is much below in development index than even those areas whose people are not particular about?offering thanks.

Though being gracious and polite is a good thing but when it is overdone it looses it’s value and people take you for granted, like we Chitralis are taken for granted by one and all. — Ehsanullah Khan, Chitral 30 Dec 2016

3 thoughts on “Chitralis generosity in offering thanks penalises them

  1. The expression of positive comments by Chitrali people by means of social media reflects their awareness on social activities, civilization and quality education in the district. Those individuals, NGOs beurocrats, parliamentarians and local bodies representatives, government and semi government officials who think, share and practically contribute some thing for the betterment of Chitrali people deserve appreciation and thanks. It is our moral obligation indeed.

  2. @Ehsanullah Khan In addition to this thanks blunder, there is another blunder that Chitral peoples mostly do while asking for their rights…. they say “we request from XYZ very humbly or from profound of our heart… hum XYZ sy darmandana apeal krty hain…”. @AllChitraliPeoples Thats not the way to get your rights specially in Pakistan. You never get your proper rights there until and unless you become personal and offensive with the your representatives. Be sweet, but not so much sweet that cause Diabetes

  3. @Zia, you are very right. @Chitrali people, if you want to be sweet be sweet with the weak,the helpless, and those who cannot pay you back. Be sweet with the birds, with the helpless animals who seek shelter in your land, be sweet with the injured dog or the mentally challenged person whom you come across in the street, be sweet with someone who cannot do anything for you – that would be genuine sweetness. Otherwise being sweet while begging for funds, aid, charity, is the sweetness as in diabetes.

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