Chitralis demand result of CJ’s suo motu notice on tunnel closure

Chitral: Even after two weeks having passed since Chief Justice of Pakistan took suo motu notice of the denial of Lowari tunnel to travelers, the situation remains unchanged at the torture site (tunnel). Vehicles are halted for no rhyme or reason on one excuse or the other and travelers are tormented as if that is a part of the tunnel package. Even when the tunnel opens vehicles are allowed one way which is ridiculous and causes unnecessary pile up of vehicles at the mouth of the tunnel. No where in the world is a two way tunnel used as one way.

Chitralis eagerly await publication of the result of the suo motu notice of the tunnel problem taken by the Chief Justice of Pakistan. .. CN report, 29 Sep 2018

One thought on “Chitralis demand result of CJ’s suo motu notice on tunnel closure

  1. A report was to be submitted to CJ by chairman NHA and other concerned authorities within five days. Was that report submitted? What did the report say? Was the CJ satisfied with the report? Will the status quo remain at the Lowari tunnel? If not what changes have been made? We need to know all this. It is our basic right to know this.

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